Industrial Strength Solutions as Unique as Your Business
Run Smarter with a Cloud ERP Solution
Focused on Your Industry

Whether you are a service-centric company or focused on products, from finance and sales to procurement and inventory, our cloud ERP solutions help you manage for growth.


From core capabilities like administrative ERP to industry-specific line of business functions, discover how intelligent cloud ERP helps you run smarter.

Streamline operations to deliver high-value services to clients. Provide more accurate bids that win new business. Optimize talent and resources. Innovate pricing models for outcome-based services and subscription billing.

Gain greater control over operations while shrinking manufacturing costs. Maximize asset utilization and plant performance. Access real-time data 24/7 to improve product quality. Run faster and more profitably.

Switch to a system that will transform your entire business. Gain insight into your cash cycle, inventory turn, and demand. Get connected to your suppliers. Respond in real time to customers and drive satisfaction.

Apply Big Data and analytics to discover precursors to disease and focus patient treatments. Optimize finance and operations to speed
roll out of pharmaceuticals and products.

Expand your customer base while gaining insights. Anticipate demand. Manage inventory. Deliver personalized, omnichannel offers and services wherever your customers choose to engage.

Monitor the patient experience from prevention through diagnosis and treatment. Recruit and retain the staff you need. Integrate processes organization-wide to scale efficiently at lower cost. Demonstrate compliance. 

Multiple the productivity of your finance and project teams while improving the efficiency of critical processes and reporting. By reducing the time spent on administration, you can focus on your core mission.


Improve forecasting and shorten order fullfillment time with real-time visibilty of your inventory. Automate sales order processing and warehouse operations to improve speed and accuracy. Boost employee productivity by enabling collaboration.

Drive innovation by focusing on business outcomes and customer satisfaction. Consolidate financial, managerial, and operational data. Identify viable new business models with real-time visibility and predictive analytics.